About Us


ARGUA is a textile company specializing in clothing accessories and homeware products made of pure and blended alpaca fiber. The South American camelids are famous for their high-quality fibers and produce the very best products that Peru has to offer. Every one of our products combines huge human effort, respect for nature, and care for the environment.

ARGUA has a vertical integration based on organic growth. It’s a fully integrated textile company, driven by research and innovation. It embodies a culture of excellence from the selection of raw materials right the way through each step of the manufacturing process to the post-sale of the final product, enabling extremely high levels of customer satisfaction.  


ARGUA’s commitment is to create high-quality handicrafts, made with natural fibers that evoke history, continuing the ancient art of Peruvian textile traditions, one of the richest and most vibrant textile legacies in the world.   The magical world of the Alpaca, the natural colors, textures, and forms have created an ancestral textile heritage that includes manual skills and ancient secrets.
ARGUA creates designs that reflect its own identity and has begun the international expansion of the brand, preserving the natural environment and the native communities from which the fibers derive.   The main exponents of this wonderful tradition are breeders and artisans, inhabitants of the Andes who today grant us the privilege of offering our collection to the world with a unique value proposition, a true Peruvian treasure.
ARGUA is distinguished by quality, tradition, authenticity, and innovation, and upholds an avant-garde, fresh and modern image through its use of textures, shapes and colors, creating an exotic warmth capable of evoking feelings that nourish the spirit; through the use of natural fibers; a commitment to Fair Trade and sustainability; care and respect for the environment; and guided by conscience.   Through its network of distribution channels, ARGUA can export to anywhere in the world.


The ancient Peruvian textile heritage is combined with current design trends, creating a harmonious marriage of ancient techniques, inspired by pre-Columbian cultures, and the mantles and looms of Andean weavings. All of this goes into achieving a unique and original finish, where the 24 natural colors intertwine with each other to create something truly magical, and products that are durable, luxurious, and cozy.

The Hand-Knitted Collection

This hand-knitted collection of clothing and accessories is created in an unmistakable style that reflects the purity of the fiber.
• Gloves 
• Hats 
• Scarves, shawls, stoles 
• Socks

The Woven Collection

Our woven collection includes products that have been home-made in mechanical looms.
• Blankets 
• Throws 
• Accent pillows 





As a textile platform, ARGUA promotes and develops its own products, and actively works to create a trend of ethical fashion. We focus our operations to achieve profitability that enables sustained growth whilst also ensuring social and environmental responsibility. ARGUA has a specialized and committed team focused on developing a cooperative participation project with artisans, the core of our business, through differentiated products, promoting the development of their skills to maintain the Andean Textile Tradition, preserving the legacy of a 1000-year heritage.  


Excellence is non-negotiable at every step of our business process. The highest performance standards are critical to ensure our business becomes a leader across products and markets, maintains operating efficiency, exceeds customer expectations, and ensures cost-effectiveness, innovation, and conformance to our values at all times.


Our core values shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions:
• One Global Network: The combination of deep industry and business process knowledge and resources enables us to mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to reach the whole world.
• Passion for our work: Despite the incredible achievements of the past, we believe that there is still a long road ahead for us to spread our passion for this noble fiber to the world.
• Sustainability: We are committed to developing human capital, families, and social communities, and acting in an environmentally friendly way.
• Innovation: We are open to changes and trends, and strive for continuous improvement based on research, analysis, and creativity.
• Quality: What we do, we do well. We are entirely focused on monitoring and ensuring the quality of our products and processes
• Customer Satisfaction: We anticipate market needs; we respond quickly to changes in customer requirements; we ensure delivery commitments are always on time.
• Integrity: We are honest, ethical, and genuine; we protect the proprietary information of our clients.


ARGUA aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the societies and environment with which we interact.

Developing Human Capital

ARGUA makes available to the team their trust, talents, and enthusiasm to achieve common objectives with superior results. The company is always involved with the team’s work throughout the different production processes, ensuring it complies with internal rules and policies, and maintaining a positive work environment. In constant pursuit of development, ARGUA fosters a culture of high performance and development, training artisans via different textile technology programs, which enhance personal wellbeing and promote an environmentally responsible culture.


Since its inception, ARGUA has been committed to socially responsible management, and the wellbeing of artisans and their families is a priority, with customer satisfaction being the primary motivation for common progress. We support micro-business training projects that strengthen us as a company, and in turn, benefit artisans and their families.


Our production processes are completely environmentally friendly, and we show the utmost care to nature and the environment. Each stage of the process has the least possible impact on the natural environment while maintaining the ecological character of the region every step of the way.We use natural materials that do not damage the environment, as well as handtags and boxes made from recyclable materials.