Alpaca Home


Given its warm, durable nature, alpaca fleece makes the perfect fabric for use in home furnishings, creating an environment that is welcoming, cosy and comfortable. The possibilities are endless, with alpaca wool being woven into home decor in many innovative ways. At Argua, we have a variety of accessories for your home made from the softest, strongest alpaca fibers.



Relax on the couch and cover up with one of our blankets, made to enhance lazy days and prevent the need for you to get up to increase the heating or get another sweater. The hypoallergenic, non-itchy fabric is perfect for those times when you need a little extra comfort, keeping you toasty on a cold winter’s day and feeling soft and smooth on bare skin. We also do baby blankets that are perfect for your newborn child.



Unlike traditional feather pillows, our alpaca fibers make for a head rest that stays buoyant throughout its lifetime, giving the perfect blend of support and comfort for your bed. Grab a few alpaca cushions for your couch and you will be in heaven when relaxing along with your alpaca blanket!



Alpaca Thow Blankets & Pillows




We already know that alpaca is warmer, stronger and more durable than most other fabrics, but it has a lot of other advantages when it comes to home decor. Firstly, it is naturally moisture-wicking, preventing it from soaking up any moisture in the air so that it can be evaporated. Unlike sheep’s wool, which absorbs moisture, causing your body to sweat, it helps maintain your comfort at all times.

Alpaca fleece is a semi-hollow fiber, which makes for a more lightweight option. It also ensures the fabric warms up quicker than more traditional alternatives, making our blankets the perfect choice for summer evenings in the garden when you want something to throw around your shoulders.

So, choose an alpaca blanket and cushions for the bed, couch and anywhere else in your house you can find a space. Buy a couple for the baby and gift them to your nearest and dearest. These super-soft, luxurious items make presents that will be enjoyed again and again.

Take a look at the variety of alpaca wool home decor options in our shop.