Alpaca Hand knitted Products



The hand-knitted collection of clothing and accessories is created in an unmistakable style. Like traditional sheep’s wool, alpaca fiber is a great choice for a range of winter accessories for both men and women. From gloves and mittens in all the colors of the rainbow, some with fingers, some without, to chullo hats (the ones with the ear flaps), chunky scarves and bobble hats, our intricately hand-knitted accessories are ideal for keeping your extremities warm in the winter. Many of these items are unisex in nature, so that you can steal your partners alpaca wool accessories when you need to head out into the cold. Ready to face the most extreme of temperatures, these lightweight, stretchy knits are simple, elegant and stylish. Keep an eye on the website for socks, shawls and stoles, all lovingly hand-knitted to perfection.





The woven collection includes products that have been hand crafted in mechanical looms. This style of manufacture takes two separate threads and weaves them together for a finish that is stronger and less flexible. This is a process we tend to save for home wear products, since most clothing needs to provide a little bit of give in order to prevent fiber breakage, but scarves, shawls and stoles are items that simply wrap around, so the extra strength ensures they will last longer and keep you warmer. Plus, we are big fans of the decorative criss-cross pattern that comes only from weaving.

Alpaca fleece is the very best product for winter accessories, keeping you comfortable at all times and ensuring you look good even when hidden under layers of clothes to keep warm. Warm, lightweight and weather-resistant, the fabric feels wonderfully soft and smooth against the skin, helping to protect it from the elements. Mix and match our gloves, scarves, hats and shawls to create your own colorful combination of items or keep it sleek and simple with one color for all products. You can participate in a little his n’ hers matching or buy a set for every member of your family so that you all stay warm and coordinated! Winter styling has never been so much fun!